It began as a happy day: flags flying, grass green and heavens blue. Then my children called with their best wishes for me and the other veterans, and I was still celebrating inwardly the triumph of the honest, competent man who will replace the poor excuse for a president we now have.

But after breakfast, when I read the news, the day darkened for me. I was reminded over and over that, as stated by Michael Gerson in this newspaper: "Republican bad faith … has not ended", that "it is the Republican leaders who are responsible for poisoning whatever wells of goodwill still exist in our republic …" and that "are encouraging their fellow citizens to believe that America’s democratic system is fundamentally corrupt."

I agree with him when he wrote: "no agent of China or Russia could do a better job of sabotage." And remember that Gerson is a Republican.

We, and the many who died or suffered dire wounds, risked our lives in order to save the America that was a land of liberty and justice for all. E pluribus unum (from the many, one) was our motto.

Abraham Lincoln and his supporters created a party that would free the slaves and reunite the states, and thousands of Americans fought and died to achieve this. And now Iowans have given all their support to candidates who continue to back this draft dodger who has so often insulted and denigrated their descendants. A sad Veterans Day indeed.

Donald Hawley



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