Mike Matson has spent most of his life occupying leadership roles. From his early days as a junior non-commissioned officer in Ranger Battalion, to a senior position as sergeant major in the special operations community.

Aside from 21 years in the Army, he has spent the last 16 years as a JROTC instructor at Davenport Central High School. I met Mike when I walked into his JROTC classroom in 2003. It was a new job for him and a new program for the school, so as students we had no idea what to expect.

As stressful and hectic as it probably was for him to transition from a highly respected sergeant major to a school teacher having to deal with a bunch of undisciplined teenagers, he always kept his composure. You would have thought he’d been a teacher for years. His optimistic and caring personality coupled with his integrity was unlike anything I’d seen in a teacher. He is the only teacher I still keep in touch with.

As if being a soldier and a teacher isn’t enough, Mike has been an alderman for the past 12 years, so he’s already knowledgeable about how city government works. He is also a husband and father of four, which means he knows how to balance work, play and quality time.

There isn’t a better choice for mayor. The unique set of skills he’s acquired is what sets him apart. I have no doubt if Mike Matson is elected, he will perform his duties with professionalism and dedication.

Greg Wayt



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