CAMBRIDGE — A fitness evaluation will be ordered for Steven L. Scott, 57, of Colona. He is charged in Henry County Circuit Court with the 2019 murder of his live-in partner, Marcie Snyder, 51.

Defense attorney James Cosby said that with the retirement of Dr. Kirk Witherspoon, his office would try to use whomever Rock Island County was using to conduct the examination. The defense must be raised in order to be eligible for a “guilty but mentally ill” conviction

Judge Gregory Chickris granted the motion for an examination, and State's Attorney Matt Schutte had no objection.

Next week will be the one-year anniversary of the crime that happened Oct. 2, 2019. Scott has been in the Henry County Jail on $2 million bond since that time.

Scott was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one for knowingly killing Snyder by cutting her across the throat with a knife and the other for cutting her across the throat, knowing such acts created a strong probability of death or great bodily harm.

In August, Chickris granted a defense motion to suppress the answers to two questions posed by Colona Police Officer Sarah VanHollebeke on the morning of the offense. Officers had Scott in custody, but he had not been advised of his Miranda rights when the officer posed the questions while she was leading him to her squad car.

At the August hearing, the state conceded that at that time Scott was in custody for Fifth Amendment purposes, he should have been given his Miranda warning and suppression of his answers was appropriate. The state did not concede any admissibility issues related to other evidence such as items found at the scene, on Scott's person or to any later statements made by him.

Scott's next pretrial hearing is Oct. 22.