William Perry Myers, a delegate to the first Republican convention in Chicago, often spoke of being a Republican while Lincoln was a Whig. Grandfather Myers was an abolitionist, who absolutely despised slavery. He had a strong belief in the Constitution our Founding Fathers left for us all.

Grandfather was asked to serve in Lincoln's cabinet during his second term and was on his way to visit his old friend when the news came that he had been killed. I wonder what Grandfather Myers, and President Lincoln, would think of this perverse version of the Grand Old Party.

I have sat and watched for three years this 'kowtow' to this bloated authoritarian, with his self serving agenda.

Well, if you have watched the news this past two weeks it should have opened your eyes. However, the party continues to cover for him with lies and pressing the Russian disinformation and propaganda. Rep. Devin Nunes of California even met with one of Rudy's friends in Ukraine. The Republicans have tried to intimidate witnesses, lied, and denied. Now I hear that Sen. Chuck Grassley is following on the heels of his master. When will the Republicans stand up for our beloved Constitution and stop quoting all this nonsense?

Call these Republican offices and denounce Trump and scream at them to give us back our country and Constitution.

Impeach and remove.

Darrell Thompson



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