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An article on page A9 of the Sunday, July 17, Quad-City Times paper was titled “All About Manchin. What Biden wanted for US, Senator did not”.

So far Joe Manchin has blocked the $4 billion Build Back Better plan that Joe Biden and his administration have been pushing. Is Manchin a savior or a demon? So why is Joe Manchin against this excessive spending?

Manchin understands the definition of inflation: Too much money chasing too few goods. Incredibly he seems to be the only Democratic Senator who understands even a scaled-down spending plan would make inflation and the economy worse. Many economists warned us of inflationary pressures as Biden told us that inflation was transitory.

Ironically, I note these direct quotes from other articles in Sunday’s edition:

"People in our community are having trouble finding food amid record inflation that’s sent food prices soaring."

"For the 12 months ending in June, the government’s consumer price index rocketed 9.1%, the fastest ever year-over-year jump since 1981."

This 9.1% rate means you have lost 9 cents of every dollar you spend. That is why people are hurting and Manchin and the Republicans don’t want to cause more pain.

Biden admits there is not much he can do to change the trajectory of inflation. But there is something you can do: Vote for members of Congress who will not lie to you and will manage the government’s checkbook like you have to manage your own.

Judy Hilgenberg



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