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Good governance is ever difficult and especially so after four years of inept, norm-breaking leadership nurtured by falsehood and disinformation. So it’s pleasing that the Biden Administration is showing responsible leadership while working hard to improve the lot of the American people. Despite numerous problems and difficulties in these first 1-1/2 years, our status abroad and at home is much improved, benefiting our people and the country.

Considerable damage to relationships with allies and others around the world has been repaired. We’re back in the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Health Organization and again a major partner in a growing NATO. We’re less involved with Mideast strife. Our connections with world neighbors are improved. We’re actively opposing attitudes and actions of nations led by despots e.g. Russia.

At home, administrative actions and legislation needed to improve our nation are emphasized and continuing. Massive vaccination efforts mitigated Covid's pandemic impact, avoiding countless deaths and illnesses despite many Americans illogically resisting life-saving vaccines. Troubling inflationary pressures are being eased. The American Rescue Plan is greatly helping people and the economy, benefitting households, schools, restaurants and more. The Infrastructure Law is equipping state and local governments to repair/build outdated roads, bridges and transit, expand access to clean drinking water, ensure access by all to high-speed internet, tackle the climate crisis and environmental justice, and aid communities often ignored. Soon, Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is coming with more help. Responsible democratic leadership made all this happen! Consider that while planning your November vote.

William Seaver



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