U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley unfortunately is thinking of running for another term. He is best known for his claim to be the source of the whistleblowers’ legislation and supporter of the inspectors general. He often proclaims his dedication to exercising oversight for presidents.

During the Trump presidency — the biggest embarrassment in presidential history — Chuck Grassley obediently allowed the firing and coverup by Trump of a major whistleblower, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and at least six of the inspectors generals. They dared to do their job and speak out about, or look into, the criminal and corrupt behavior of Donald Trump. Not much meaningful oversight there.

Despite his oath to defend the Constitution and overwhelming evidence of Trump’s criminal behavior in seeking false testimony from the government of Ukraine against now-President Biden, Grassley voted to not allow testimony from National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Bolton knew the details of Trump’s impeachable crimes. Then Grassley voted to acquit the disgraced president.

The attempted coup by Trump and his mob on Jan.6 led to a second impeachment of Trump. Again, Grassley voted to acquit, choosing political power over his oath to defend the Constitution. Grassley seems to do everything he can to cover up for Donald Trump.

What motivates Grassley? With most Republicans, he now belongs to the anti-democratic party that is fully anti-American. Grassley likes the power and wants to keep it, and his farm welfare, even at the price of our Constitution and our country.

Don Moeller



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