First, I do value lives of all races. That said, those who choose to break the law should be tried by a jury of their peers.

Those who think they are above the law are wrong. The media has too long criticized, condemned and crucified law enforcement. Yes, out of 900,000-plus officers in our country, a small percentage do not deserve the badge and are not worthy of the uniform.

What happened in Minnesota was horrendous and unacceptable, and the justice system in their city will punish them. Honorable police officers across this country are paying for the sins of the few. Officers are being murdered, canines abused and squads blown up. Stores are being looted, acts of arson are being committed and there are shots being fired at innocent civilians. Destroying the livelihood of hard-working people is nothing more than domestic terrorism. Harmless people with families are out of jobs. Cities are defunding police. Police are resigning. Having social workers replacing cops is unrealistic. We need our police officers. How many social workers would put their lives in harm's way?

I am proud of Quad City police departments. They are not perfect, but I believe they do try to honorably serve the entire entire community. They are human. They have families too. If you are unwilling to stand behind them, feel free to stand with them while they try to protect our community.

Laurie Figley

Rock Island


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