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The recent Quad-City Times story about the participation of an Iowa Legislature candidate at the insurrection events in Washington, D.C., on January 5-6, 2021, was disturbing in what was missing.

Luana Stoltenberg said in the Times interview that she was part of a prayer group assigned to Washington. For three days, she said, the group prayed.

Stoltenberg did do more than pray with the group. She ominously warned her personal social media followers to “get ready, get ready” on January 5th.

Get ready for what? Was she aware of the plans of what was nearly a purge of our government? What did she know in advance?

The next day, as the former president urged extreme fringe groups to action, Stoltenberg said her group prayed.

Did Stoltenberg pray for Vice President Mike Pence? Did she pray for the Capitol Police? Were prayers said for their safety? Did she pray for the senators and representatives in the U.S. Capitol?

No, Stoltenberg said the group prayed for answers. These groups did not believe their president had been rejected overwhelmingly by American voters.

That's where Stoltenberg abruptly ended the interview. According to the Times article, Stoltenberg hung up when asked if Joe Biden is president.

Stoltenberg said she wants a transparent, unifying campaign. She could start by showing better judgement.

I think voters in House District 81 should be concerned about how her leadership would negatively impact their lives.

Karene Nagel



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