Senate Republicans have blocked a bipartisan committee from seeking answers regarding the U.S. Capitol insurrection. Some senators claim it was peaceful, some doubt there was any danger of being attacked, or that weapons were present. Why are these senators devoid of knowing what is right and wrong? I would guess they were raised to distinguish between the two. Many were in peril of being killed, including Sen. Chuck Grassley. I believe he was third in line after Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in ascension to the presidency.

It was obvious what former President Donald Trump's motives were, yet Grassley opposes the committee. Both he and Sen. Joni Ernst are not fit to govern if they did not endorse the formation of this bipartisan effort.

Our gun laws are certainly working. Mass shootings on a regular basis, daily gunfire in the Quad Cities, innocent people in the line of fire, some killed, some wounded. Gunfire inside NorthPark Mall. I wonder what law enforcement thinks of all this gun violence?

Leaving judgment to the "good" citizens of Iowa, we tried this with Covid; 6,000-plus deaths later, was that such a good idea?

Along with the assault on public education by Iowa's majority party, the state will soon devolve into an uneducated, violent society, much akin to those who attacked the Capitol. That's not an environment in which I wish to associate, as I was educated in knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Tim Armstrong



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