The Oct. 11 headline states the Quad-City Times is endorsing Joe Biden for president of the United States. I'm pretty sure this headline was written and archived in 2016 and dusted off to be posted three weeks before the election. Because that is how liberal newspapers and news outlets operate.

The relentless tirade against the sitting president of the United States has been going on since that January day when President Trump took the oath of office. I would like you to notice that unlike previous presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama) you do not see a tell-tale aging or wear and tear on the face or hairs of this president. He is unflappable and can take anything that the liberal mob throws at him and still maintain the will to do what is best for the American people, the people that put their trust in him in 2016 and, hopefully, will not be swayed by newspapers and news outlets and will give him the opportunity to continue to serve for four more years.

As the U.S. traverses through the pandemic, threats of violence from abroad and from within (anarchy) and all the other malarkey that comes from the liberal leaders of disgrace and the rest of the Democratic cronies who are hell bent on destroying the presidency and this country, I say I want the team that has kept us afloat through it all.

So to the Times, that is my endorsement and I pray that my vote cancels your endorsement soundly.

Brian E. Dugan



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