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Since we had it all wrapped up and tied with a bow in 1973, now we have Justice Alito saying that women can’t make decisions about our own bodies. He is saying if it wasn’t written in the Constitution of the 1700s it should not stand. The U.S. constitution is rigged intentionally against women of all colors. According to Alito, liberty doesn’t include women, which he and his other sanctimonious ideologues hang their regressive views on.

If they take away our fundamental “Rights to Privacy,” what is next, contraceptives (IUD’s, patch, diaphragm, etc.). Health insurance companies jumped on the bandwagon to fully pay for Viagra in 2002 but companies were not required to pay for birth control until 2010.

In the 1700s, women were not mentioned in the Constitution. Women couldn’t even vote until 1920. Women are at a disadvantage and have been disenfranchised from the Constitution. I’m shocked that an intellectual can be so ignorant and write about museum antiquated precedents. Women are going backwards and if the courts have their way, women will still be chattel for servitude.

A man can brutality rape and heinously commit incest, but
women still have to be the victim and relive the sexual assault for nine months. How long do we have to fight against historical misogynistic control.

Since all these know-all pro life people are ruining our democracy and want to look into a woman’s vagina, women need to rise up and fight again for our own "right to privacy."

Kathy Andon



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