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Though I've never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in my 60-plus years, if Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker ends up in this position I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Our country needs him.

Yes, he hasn't announced his intention to run for president yet. But he will. He's quickly gaining a national presence while skating toward a second term as governor.

He's capable of winning the hearts, and votes, of millions of Republican, Independent, and swing voters. But in order to do so, he must quit bashing the GOP and its politicians, especially when he's in red and swing states. For example, he can't be calling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis "Trump with a mask on." Bashing will alienate said voters and make them ignore the liberal press even more.

Instead, he should boast about his many accomplishments. For example, he's improved Illinois' sorry economic condition, and led us through the worst of the pandemic more effectively than most governors.

To the public, the difference between Pritzker and 98% of all politicians is that Pritzker has actually accomplished something. So why does he even need to criticize his would-be opponents?

So Democrats, before he goes schmoozing in one more state, tell him to knock it off. With elections being crazy close as they are nowadays, the votes he loses by doing otherwise might be the ones that push Trump or another candidate to the White House.

After all, in 2016 Hillary Clinton elected Trump with her mouth.

Luanne Beinke

Rock Island


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