Two Davenport men were arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with stealing catalytic converters off cars in a parking lot on Brady Street. 

Justin Lee Mayo, 38, and Christopher Ben Curler, 43, were arrested at 5915 Brady St., according to court documents. Davenport police were called to the area just before 4 a.m. for reports of two men and a woman looking under cars.

Officers found Curler actively sawing a catalytic converter from a car. Mayo was in the back of a Toyota Camry that belonged to Curler. Another catalytic converter cut from a different car was in the Camry, court documents state.

The men have been charged with two counts of third-degree theft and conspiracy to commit a felony. Mayo was also charged with harassment and fifth-degree theft. 

Curler is being held in the Scott County Jail on a $9,000 bond, and Mayo is being held on a $5,500 bond. 

— Emily Andersen