There is a new patriot in Illinois, one I would be proud to call my neighbor — a family man with strong faith. Mark Curran, former Lake County sheriff, is an advocate for Illinois.

Mark's life mission has been to fight for the U. S. Constitution and uphold law and order. He's a pro-life, pro-liberty, proven leader. He supports the Second Amendment and believes in term limits.

Since Mark was a former sheriff for over 14 years, he will stand behind law enforcement, firefighters and first responders. They are dealing with suicide, addiction and post traumatic stress disorder. It is a lonely profession.

Our U.S. economy needs a pro-capitalist with free market values to keep government out of our hair and out of our pockets as much as we can; someone who believe in limited government and is pro-small business. America must keep its promises to our veterans. Mark will serve, support and honor our heroes and veterans.

During the past four years, Illinois has seen turbulent times. Chicago is a mess, Springfield corruption has risen. Ask yourself, have you met Sen. Dick Durbin? Has he visited your county? How does Durbin stand on your important issues? The economy, law enforcement, the Constitution? What has Durbin done to move Illinois forward?

Elect Mark Curran for the U. S. Senate. Send a sheriff to Washington, D.C. Law and justice for all Americans. Positive change for Illinois.

Jaclyn Dooley



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