Finally, Rock Island native Chasson Randle doesn’t have to wonder if that call will come.

It became official on Tuesday that Randle would, for the first time in his professional career, have a guaranteed NBA contract and not wonder daily if he will be waived and have to find a new team.

Under the deal he signed with the Washington Wizards, if he was still on an NBA roster on Jan. 8, he would get a guaranteed contract for the remainder of the season.

“I can exhale a little bit,” Randle said in a Washington Wizards Twitter interview. “A lot of hard work has been put in not only by myself but my agent, my family and my friends who have all been in my corner helping me out.

“Of course, my teammates have all been rooting for me. I’m just grateful.”

Randle had a cup of coffee with both the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks in the 2016-17 season. He was signed by the Wizards’ G-League Capital City Go-Go’s this summer and he had an early call-up to the Wizards, but did not see action.

He was recalled three weeks ago. With a season-ending injury to NBA All-Star John Wall, Randle has played in 10 games, averaging 15 minutes. He is the first guard off the bench and became just the second reserve in this NBA season to finish a game with a plus/minus of +30 in 18 or fewer minutes.

Plus/minus is the number of points your team scores more or less than the opponent when you are in the court.

He learned Tuesday’s news of his status from his teammates.

“They were the ones telling me, to be honest,” he said. “They started congratulating me after they saw the news. Social media these days, things happen so fast and they got the message before me.”

Randle, a 2011 Rock Island High School graduate, is averaging 6.7 points, 2.1 assists and 1.7 rebounds per game.

Wizards coach Scott Brooks is thrilled to have Randle as part of his team. He, too, had to work his way to the NBA after college.

“He had to fight and scrap to get up here in the first place with the Knicks,” Brooks said on the Wizards Twitter. “He did the same thing this summer. I love stories like that. It’s definitely earned. Nothing was ever given to him and he earned this opportunity to stay all year long.

“When I made the 76ers, it was one of the best days of my life. Making it on an NBA team is a dream for every player who grows up and wants to be an NBA player. That day is one you will never forget.”

Randle, who is scheduled to make just less than $900,000 for the season, credits Brooks for helping him reach this spot.

“He talked to me about playing in my hometown against the Quad City Thunder in the CBA,” Randle said. “And he talked about his time in the CBA and grinding to get to the NBA. He told me about his journey and what he had to go through.

“He is helping me on how to go about my whole situation here. Every single word he has given me I carry with me. I’m so thankful.”