Reading the story, "Quad-Cities Chamber: Riverfront strategies must protect everyone's investment," June 1, Davenport City Administrator Corri Spiegel states that the city's flood plan "is not and never was intended specifically to protect businesses."

Spiegel said the flood plan main objective is instead to protect "critical public assets and infrastructure."

If so, why are the HESCO barriers and such placed so that the river floodwaters cover the whole city's downtown park system along the river, and most of the main roadways along the river? To me, these are the city's assets and infrastructure, which aren't being protected.

Let's get a plan that is permanently installed for future floods. Rock Island's riverfront looks great and no flooding. The manpower and overtime would be reduced and the city's crews could be repairing streets, which are a disgrace, instead of constantly erecting HESCO barriers.

Marvin Stolley,