My letters are usually political or complaining. Not today. This is a feel good letter. This is about Mary Sue's All American Cafe, where my husband and I eat breakfast almost every Sunday.

The name describes the place: Red, white and blue everything.

The menu — American toast, not French toast. Notice a theme. Mary Sue Wilson is the 80-year-old proprietor. She does not look it or act it. Daily specials are homemade. Potatoes are freshly peeled for hash browns or American fries.

Now the feel good part: Mary Sue. She hides her generosity. I'm sure she does not make a lot of money, but she loves what she does and her customers love her. She will provide a couple of grade-school kids with a free breakfast on a cold winter day. She knows if her customers have a need and will assist, or take up a collection from other customers who are not wealthy but give generously.

The atmosphere is jovial or serious, but always loud and opinionated. It is interesting to sit and listen to the repartee. It would be fun to do a sitcom called Breakfast at Mary Sue's. You can't make up what goes on there, or the kindness emanating from this little cafe.

Judy Voss



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